Surviving Summer: Heatwaves and your pets

Many birds and small animals are not native to Australia and not naturally equipped to deal with the blistering summer heatwaves. At the height of summer, the best option, especially for small animals is to offer them sanctuary inside under controlled temperatures. For birds in an aviary, this may not be an option, so here

Forest Fusion Lorikeet Diet

A wild lorikeet has to work for its food, flying from tree to tree and foraging for a large portion of their day. Our pet lorikeets on the other hand, only have to hop over to their feed bowl. In addition, while wild diets do contain sugar, they do not contain sugars that humans have

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I’ve been framed Mice and rats were once feared as dirty disease carrying vermin. For years people blamed the “Dark Ages” on rats carrying the bubonic plague.  We now know we can blame the fleas, vindicating rats and mice from their poor reputations. (You just can’t enter a petshop without watching these endearing little acrobats

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The Low Down: Equipment for Hand Rearing

There are a variety of feeding spoons and syringes on the market and there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to feeding equipment for hand rearing. However you need to make sure the product is safe and that it’s the right size for your bird. Some feeding equipment, like crop needles, require experience as

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Parrot Neonate Care

Raising babies from day 1 Hand raising babies from day one is grueling, time consuming and all in all, quite a difficult task. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is just like raising babies from pin feather stage, this thinking will give you dead babies and a broken heart. The word neonate refers to a baby that

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Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

Interact with the image below for information on how to set up your Bearded Dragon tank.

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Nutrition and MBD in Lizards

Lizards make fantastic pets and one of the draw cards for many people is that keeping them in captivity is easy. Or is it? Let’s start with the two most popular species of lizards kept in captivity- Blue Tongue lizards and Bearded Dragons. Both of these reptiles make great pet choices, however people are often

If you walk into any store that sells food for rabbits and guinea pigs, you will probably find shelves full of grain, hay and muesli mixes. Often these foods are labelled as rabbit AND guinea pig foods, but many people do not realise that rabbits and guinea pigs, although both herbivores, have very different dietary

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Worms in Birds

Worms. A word that should send shivers down the spine of ANY bird keeper. Getting rid of or better yet preventing worms in birds is really easy. You just need to have the right information. So let’s cut straight to it. What birds can get worms? There are many opinions on this topic and we’ve

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H2O Soluble Product Matrix This is a product matrix displaying Vetafarm’s range of water soluble products. It simply shows which products can be mixed together within the same drinking water. To use the matrix select the product you are using from the first column on the left. Follow the row along until it intersects with