Falcon Insect Liquidator

Controls mites, lice, biting insects, houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders in the bird’s environment.

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Product Description

Key Feature:
Methoprene is an insect growth regulator and it prevents the growth of insects for up to 6 weeks.


To control avian mites & lice spray directly onto the bird by holding the spray 12-15” (30-40cm) from the bird. Spray housing and nesting areas thoroughly. Kills insects on contact and has residual action which guards against re-infestation for up to 6 weeks.

Additional Information

6.25g/L Piperonyl butoxide, 1.25g/L Permethrin (40:60), 20mg/L Methoprene.

3.4Fl.oz/100mL (Item #30511)