Liverpro Meal Topper

Product Description

Supports liver function and repair. May be used to during and after liver disease, or as a maintenance supplement to support the control of destructive liver enzymes that may cause liver dysfunction.

  • Concentrated milk thistle extract and vitamin C support liver function and repair.
  • Naturally flavoured and microfined for easy application.
  • Formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists.

Before use: Gently shake bottle, then aim nozzle in bin and pump 3-5 times to prime pump with correct dose of powder. Once primed, aim nozzle at food and dispense pumps as per directions below. Gently shake before each use.
Spray food with 2 pumps of liverpro per 5kg bodyweight.
Active liver complaint: Provide once daily for 3 weeks or until complaint is resolved.
Liver Maintenance: Provide twice weekly for 3 weeks.
50g Package contains approx 450 pumps

125mg/g Silymarin, 82.5mg/g stabilised vitamin C.