Pigeon Recharge

Dual action liquid supplement for direct administration.

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Product Description

Key Features:
Ribose and L-Carnitine both have a role in the energy conversion process for all cells within the body, including the muscle cells. Intense exercise causes a significant decrease in skeletal muscle levels. Pigeon Recharge provides an additional supply of Ribose and L-carnitine to performance animals. May be given by direct dosage or diluted with drinking water.

Recommended For:
Performance pigeons before and after each race.


Dilute 1 part Pigeon Recharge with 4 parts water. Eg: 200mL/L (1pt per 2½ qt). Give 1mL (¼ tsp) of the dilution per bird by mouth once daily for 3 days prior to racing and 1mL (¼ tsp) immediately following racing.

Additional Information

Active Constituents:
L-carnitine 250mg, Ribose 150mg.

1.7Fl.oz/50mL (Item #60573)
16.9Fl.oz/500mL (Item #60577)
1.3 US Gal/5L (Item #60579)

Store in a dry area below 30°C.