Protocide Tablets

For the treatment of Protozoal infections in falcons (Trichomoniasis (frounce), Hexamita, and Giardia).

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Frounce is a very common disease in Falcons. Frounce affects your falcon’s health, hampers their ability to hunt efficiently, and can also cause nasty abscesses to form. Frounce is caused by a parasite carried by all pigeons, so transmission to your valuable falcon is almost certain. Protocide Tablets are the only double action treatment that effectively cures Frounce with the administration of just one tablet.


Give one tablet per 1kg (35oz) body weight, once. In severe cases, treatment may be repeated in 5-7 days.

Additional Information

25mg Ronidazole, 25mg Secnidazole.

30 (Item #30018)
100 (Item #30017)