Quantum Tablets

Monthly all wormer plus flea control tablets for cats.

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Product Description

Key Features:
Protection from roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, heartworm and fleas in one simple dose. Safe for use in kittens (over 6 weeks of age) and pregnant/lactating Queens. Quantum Tablets are an easy, convenient and cost effective way to protect your pet.

Recommended For:
Cats and kittens (over 6 weeks of age).


Give 1 dose by mouth, on an empty stomach.
Treat adults every 28-30 days (monthly).
Treat kittens at 6, 8, 12 weeks; then monthly.
Treat pregnant/lactating queens prior to mating, 10 days before kittening and 2-4 weeks after kittening.

Additional Information

Active Constituents:
Lufenuron, Pyrantel pamoate, Praziquantel and Ivermectin.

Kittens and Cats: up to 8.8lb (4Kg)
6 (Item #70633)
20 (Item #70634)
100 (Item #70635)

Large Cats: over 8.8lb (4Kg)
6 (Item #70636)
20 (Item #70637)
100 (Item #70638)

Store in a dry area below 30°C