Vetastar Red Tablets

Flea knockdown tablets for cats and dogs

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Product Description

Key Features:
Fast acting – starts working within 30 minutes of administration, with up to 90% of fleas killed within 4 hours on dogs and in 6 hours for cats.
Simple – One dose will continue to kill fleas for 24 hours.
Flexible – Can be given once daily if required though usually administered once weekly or used with other flea control products.
Safe – Designed by Veterinarians to strict GMP standards
Reliable – Unaffected by wash off factor.

Recommended For:
Large Dogs 11kg – 57kg (24.25-125.66lb)


Dosage: For dogs 11-57 kg bodyweight (24.25-125.66lb) – 1 tablet. Can be administered to puppies and kittens from 4 weeks of age. Treat on any day when fleas are evident. Give one tablet either directly in the mouth or hidden in a small amount of food. Repeat on any subsequent day that fleas are present. Adult fleas are killed once they ingest the blood containing the active ingredient Nitenpyram.
Vetastar tabs do not kill fleas in the environment outside the pet’s body. To ensure the best results it is important that your dog’s environment is also treated as your dog can continually be reinfected from an untreated environment. Treat the carpets & dog bedding on the day of dosing and vaccuum carpets regularly. Treat all pets in the household.

Additional Information

Active Constituents:
57mg Nitenpyram per tablet

Store below 25°C (Air conditioning), in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight