Vetafarm Diets

Avian Range

Vetafarm has a varied range of complete diets to cater for a huge variety of species! From species-specific diets such as South American Mix, to Wild Earth Wet & Dry Formula for Lorikeets - there’s a diet for every bird! Vetafarm’s avian range is also widely used and recommended by veterinarians, conservation centres and zoos across the world. Vetafarm is recognised as the pinnacle of avian nutrition!

Small Animal Range

Vetafarm has created a popular small animal range of diets for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rodents. Each product is specifically designed to fulfil the nutritional requirements of each animal. For example, Cavy Origins has the addition of stabilised vitamin C, which is essential to prevent the development of Scurvy as guinea pigs cannot naturally produce their own vitamin C.

Reptile Range

Vetafarm’s Lizard Food provides complete nutrition for lizards such as blue tongues, skinks, shinglebacks, cunninghams, bearded dragons and monitors. Vetafarm have also developed a supplement for those who don’t feed Lizard Food. Multical Dust is a super-fine dusting supplement packed with essential calcium, vitamins and minerals  which can be dusted on to insects, fruit and vegetables to be fed to reptiles to ensure their nutritional requirements are met.


Vetafarm manufactures a diverse range of unique health supplements to ensure your pet’s health . Our wide range of supplements include aids for breeding performance, moulting supports for birds, first aid products and nutritional supplements for general vitality.

Parasite Control

Vetafarm’s priority for parasite control is creating solutions that are both safe and effective for animals. Our parasite controls treat both internal and external parasites - including mites, worms, and coccidia. All products are 100% safe for use around animals and their environments.


Vetafarm’s disinfectants are Hospital B Grade, making them the most effective disinfectants you can get. Don’t be fooled by the grading system - B grade is better than A grade! It’s highly effective on organic matter, which pet owners deal with quite often. Veterinarians use Vetafarm’s disinfectants on their clinic benches, and they are 100% safe for your animal and their environment.